Car Suspension and Why It Is Important

The importance of your car’s suspension system cannot be overstated. It is one of the most essential elements of your vehicle that keeps you safe when driving, maintaining friction between your tyres and the road. When your suspension is working as it should, you maintain better control over your car.

When you notice that your car suspension isn’t working properly, it is important to get it serviced or repaired as soon as possible. If left to deteriorate, you could be putting you and your loved ones at risk on the road. Given that the suspension impacts your steering and handling, taking care of it is an easy decision.

Do I Need Auto Suspension Repairs?

Car suspensions will generally last a long time without needing major repairs. However, your suspension system can also be easily damaged, particularly if you encounter a lot of potholes, drive off-road in a vehicle not designed for it, or hit something such as a rock or the curb. If your suspension becomes damaged, you should get repairs as quickly as you can.

Many people wonder how they will even know that their suspension needs servicing or repairs. Thankfully, there are a few common signs pointing to poor suspension. When driving over bumps in the road, you may hear some unexpected noises if your suspension needs fixing. If your car is handling poorly or struggling with inclines, regardless of the size, it may be due to poor suspension. Finally, should your vehicle begin vibrating while you drive, it may be time to visit the professionals for suspension repairs.

We highly recommend that you avoid driving if your suspension becomes damaged. With poor handling, you increase the risk of being in an accident. Keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way and avoid costly repairs after an accident by letting the professionals at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions take care of your auto suspension servicing.

What Does Car Suspension Servicing Involve?

When you get a suspension service at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, we take a close look at the individual parts that make up your suspension system. This includes shock absorbers and struts, which reduce the impact of bumps while driving and give you control over the vehicle.

If any of these parts need replacing, we will be able to change them to get your suspension back to its best condition. We only use Bosch-approved, quality parts in all our repairs and replacements. It is worth noting that if any of the shocks need replacing, we recommend changing them all so that your car handles evenly.

Let Us Handle Your Auto Suspension Repairs

The Hi-Mech Auto Solutions partnership with the Bosch Car Service Network gives our customers assurance that all repairs will be completed to the highest standard, with our mechanics professionally trained so that we meet the requirements of all Bosch workshops.

With all the tools and knowledge needed to complete your next suspension service or repairs, the Hi-Mech Auto Solutions team is ready to help. After your car suspension service, your vehicle will handle as smoothly as ever before.
When it is time for the professionals at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions to take a look at your car’s suspension, give our friendly team a call on (07) 4646 2644. Alternatively, you can complete our simple booking form online, and we will be in touch soon.