What to Do When You Have a Flat Car Battery

A flat or dead car battery can abruptly interrupt your daily routine, leaving you stranded and frustrated. However, recognising the signs and knowing how to respond can minimise the disruption to your day.

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

Regular car servicing is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s efficiency throughout the years. How often you require a service can vary depending on several factors, including the age of your car, its condition, and usage.

Car Maintenance Tips For Summer

When it comes to preparing to drive in summer, avoiding scorching seat belts shouldn’t be your only concern. As temperatures increase, it is important to prepare your car so you can stay safe and comfortable in summer.

How to Change a Tyre – Everything You Need to Know

By following Hi Mech Auto Solutions’ easy step-by-step guide to changing a tyre, you can ensure you’re equipped to handle this common issue with confidence. From selecting the right tools to understanding key safety measures, we’ll cover everything you need to turn a potential roadblock into a simple task.

Is Your Car Air Conditioning Ready for Summer?

With summer just around the corner, it’s almost time to prepare for sunny beaches, road trips, and avoiding those scorching seatbelts. With rising temperatures on the way, it’s essential that you don’t get caught without working air conditioning in your car.

Tips to Maximise Fuel Efficiency

In an era of increasing fuel prices and cost of living pressures, understanding and optimising your vehicle’s fuel efficiency has become more important than ever.

Your Essential Car Maintenance Checklist

One of the most important aspects of owning a car is ensuring you have a plan for keeping your vehicle in excellent shape, which includes both basic car maintenance and professional servicing. At a minimum, every driver should have the following five essential items on their car maintenance checklist.

Ready for Your Next Off-Road Adventure?

When it comes to off-road adventures, it’s hard to beat Queensland’s fantastic weather and stunning varied landscapes. The abundance of remarkable sights in the Sunshine State makes it one of the most sought-after destinations for off-road enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike. With a 4×4 vehicle, you can explore a wide variety of extraordinary off-road destinations that are otherwise inaccessible.

Warning Signs That You Need Clutch Replacement

The clutch is a vital component of any manual transmission vehicle, as it connects and disconnects the engine from the transmission. As it is used frequently during driving, the clutch pedal is subject to wear and tear and will eventually require repair or replacement.

What is ADAS?

If you’ve purchased a vehicle within the last decade, chances are it will have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which typically include sensors and cameras aimed at enhancing the safety of drivers and their passengers. These systems provide a range of features to reduce the risks of driving, including reversing cameras, blind spot monitors and adaptive cruise control.

How to Keep Your Car’s Air Conditioning Working Efficiently

As the mercury soars in Australia, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car is essential to beat the heat in summer. When winding down your windows just doesn’t cut it, your car’s air conditioning system can quickly become a necessity. That’s why it’s important to get regular car air con maintenance not only in summer, but in the colder months.

What Does the ‘Check Engine’ Light Mean?

If you have ever wondered what the dashboard symbols in a car mean, you aren’t alone. Each of these symbols gives you essential information about the condition of your vehicle, with perhaps the most crucial of these being the ‘check engine’ light.

How often should you get your tyres checked?

People don’t often think about tyres as a safety feature of their car, but that’s exactly what they are – as the only thing between your car and the road, they’re key to keeping you and your family safe as you drive. This makes it vital that they are properly maintained.

What is Flash Diesel Tuning and how can your vehicle benefit?

Do you want more performance out of your diesel engine? With the advancements in technology, getting an experienced Flash Diesel mechanic to perform a specialised diesel performance tune up on your vehicle might unlock a lot of the power, torque and efficiency that your engine has been waiting to give you.

When should I get my brakes serviced?

As one of the most critical parts of your car when it comes to keeping your family safe in an emergency, it is essential that you keep your brakes in good condition.

Why Car Coolant Is So Important

Car coolant, or antifreeze coolant, is a combination of water and antifreeze that is essential for keeping your engine running. Topping up your coolant fluid levels will help to keep your car engine temperature stable and prevent it from getting too hot or freezing.

Everything You Should Know about Engine Oil

Maintaining your car oil is vital if you want to maximise the lifespan of your vehicle. Car oil is one of the most essential fluids in your engine. It is responsible for keeping all the internal mechanisms in your engine running smoothly. Good engine oil lubricates the engine parts while driving and helps to effectively absorb the heat produced by the friction.

Do I Need a Roadworthy Certificate in Queensland?

Before a vehicle can be driven on Queensland roads, it must obtain a roadworthy certificate. This certificate is a statement that the car meets the requirements set by Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads, and is therefore safe enough to drive. By making roadworthy certificates a requirement, we can help to keep drivers and their passengers safe on Queensland roads.  Although you no longer need to display a safety certificate before offering a vehicle for sale, it is still a requirement for your car to have a valid roadworthy certificate when transferring registration to a new owner, when re-registering an unregistered vehicle, or when transferring your car’s registration to Queensland from a different state or territory. Without a valid Queensland roadworthy certificate, your car is not legal to drive.

Types of Auto Electrical Issues

When you consider the crucial role electrical systems such as headlights, cameras and sensors play in modern cars, it becomes clear how important it is for your family’s safety to ensure these are always in optimal condition. If your vehicle is experiencing electrical issues, you should have an auto electric service completed as soon as possible to prevent minor issues from turning into major and more costly problems. Hi-Mech Auto Solutions have a team of experienced auto electricians who have the skills to get you back on the road in no time, with all of your vehicle’s electrical components working properly and safely. 

Wheel Alignments and When to Check It

Your wheels are a vital part of your car’s everyday safety, so it’s important to make sure that they’re properly aligned with each other and the road. Tyres that are out of alignment can wear unevenly which will impact their condition and longevity. Uneven wear on your tyres can also impact the handling of your vehicle. A wheel alignment will help ensure that your handling is smooth and predictable, while improving fuel efficiency. During this service, a mechanic will first assess the relative alignment of each of your tyres and then will adjust the suspension slightly to make sure that they’re all vertically aligned with the road. As a general rule, your wheel alignment services should be performed after every 10,000km or every six months – whichever comes first.  General wear and tear isn’t the only factor that causes wheel misalignment. Your wheels are more likely to require re-aligning if they’ve been jarred or slightly damaged during the course of your regular driving. Hitting a pothole or mounting a curb can often be enough to warrant a wheel alignment. There are several signs to look out for which may indicate your wheels are misaligned, including:  Your car is pulling more to the right or to the left, Your tyres are wearing out unevenly, Your steering wheel is vibrating more than usual, Your handling feels loose, If you notice any or all of these signs, then it may be time to consult your mechanic about having your wheel and tyre alignment checked. How Do I Get My Wheels Aligned? A wheel alignment is a very specific procedure involving lots of small adjustments and measurements. Because your wheels are so important to your car’s safety, it’s recommended that only a trained mechanic perform this procedure. To perform the wheel alignment, your mechanic will take four main measurements to determine how much the suspension needs to be adjusted. They are: Camber: the inward/outward angle of the tyres when viewed from the front of the car. Toe: the inward/outward angle of the tyres when viewed from above the car. Caster: the tilt of the steering axis when viewed from the side of the car. Thrust: the position of the rear axle in relation to the vehicle’s centreline. How Much Does it Cost to Get My Wheels Aligned? Wheel alignment costs are slightly different for each model of vehicle. As a general rule, smaller cars will cost a little bit less to realign, and a bigger or more luxury vehicle will cost a little bit more due to the size and complexity of the operation. If your car has never had a wheel alignment, or you’ve noticed something is off with your steering, then don’t hesitate to give the friendly team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions a call on (07) 7517 0121. Or, fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Like most parts of your vehicle, your radiator is prone to wear and tear over time. As the main function of a car’s radiator is to cool the engine by dealing with large amounts of heat output, it is important that the system is working as it should at all times. A radiator leaking may be due to a coolant leak, or corrosion in the hoses or hose connections. If your radiator is damaged, the issue may also affect your engine, gaskets, thermostat, and many other parts of the engine cooling system. The good news is that it is possible to identify a leaking radiator before it causes an emergency or requires extensive, costly car repairs. Signs Your Car Radiator is Leaking Recognising the signs you may have a leaking car radiator is crucial to ensuring you stay safe on the roads, and can prevent small issues from turning into costly repairs in the future. Here are some of the common signs that indicate your radiator is leaking. TEMPERATURE GAUGE RISING If your engine starts to overheat, the temperature gauge on your dash will rise towards the red zone. This signals that you should stop driving and allow your vehicle to cool down. Some vehicles do not have a gauge, but instead have a red warning light that appears to indicate when the vehicle is already overheated. BROKEN HEAT OR NO HEAT An early sign of car coolant leak is the lack of heat in your vehicle. Your car’s heater core is contained within the cooling system, which means that a drop in coolant levels can prevent coolant from reaching the heater core. STEAM OR SMOKE COMING FROM ENGINE AREA Perhaps the most obvious sign of your engine coolant leaking is steam coming from the hood of your car. This can occur when the cooling system is under extreme pressure, causing the radiator to leak and a gas that looks a bit like smoke to pour from your engine area. PUDDLE OF FLUID BENEATH THE CAR Another common sign of a radiator leak is a puddle of liquid underneath your vehicle. In the situation of a radiator coolant leak, the liquid is usually bright green, though this depends on which kind of antifreeze is used. LOW COOLANT LEVELS If you suspect your car has a leak but you cannot see any fluid beneath your vehicle, the next place to check is your radiator’s reservoir tank. You should find two lines on the reservoir, with one showing a hot level and the other showing a cold level. There is likely a leak within the cooling system if the levels are much lower than they should be. SWEET SMELL COMING FROM THE ENGINE AREA Because antifreeze has a very distinct sweet smell, if you smell something sweet coming from your car, it could be a coolant leak. If you do detect this antifreeze smell, you should take your car to be checked immediately. What to do if Your Car Radiator is Leaking Because the internal components of your car’s radiator are so complex, it is recommended that once you notice an issue, you immediately stop driving and shut off your car as soon as possible. An overheated engine should only be dealt with by a skilled mechanic. Similarly, if liquid coolant has leaked beneath your car, it is important to properly clean the fluid and keep pets and children away from it, as it is a hazardous material. If you believe your radiator is leaking, the best thing you can do is contact a qualified mechanic to organise a service for your car. Experts at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions are equipped with the diagnostic knowledge and tools needed to repair your radiator and prevent further damage. Depending on what is causing the problem, your mechanic may use a product such as radiator sealant, or may have to conduct other internal repairs and inspections. Trust the team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions At Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, our qualified mechanics are experts in their field and understand the complexities of your car’s many systems. As a member of the Bosch Car Service Network, we have exclusive access to the latest diagnostic tools and leading industry knowledge. We are able to perform a full suite of services on your car’s engine, including coolant flushes and radiator maintenance. If you’re unsure about what you need, our team can undertake a complete inspection and offer you full transparency regarding the condition of your radiator, as well as any necessary radiator replacement cost. With a dedicated team and years of experience, Hi-Mech Auto Solutions can solve any leaking radiator issues your car may have. Give us a call on (07) 7517 0121 or contact us through our online booking form to arrange a service for your car today.

When Should You Get Car Battery Replacement?

At some point in your car’s lifespan, you are likely going to encounter a flat battery. Once car batteries have run flat a few times they lose the ability to hold a charge. At this point you may find yourself wondering “Where can I get a car battery replacement near me?” Although a car battery going flat one or two times isn’t a huge issue, as it occurs more often your battery will no longer be able to hold its original capacity, eventually requiring a replacement. Car batteries often last between two and five years, but how exactly do you know when it’s time for a car battery replacement? This is one of the many questions the experts at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions get asked about car batteries. Before we talk about the signs that your car battery needs replacing, it is important to understand how you can preserve and maintain your current one for as long as possible. How Do I Maintain My Battery? The battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, powering all electronics, including the power windows, starter and lights. Because of this, it makes sense to take good care of your car battery, so that you can continue without needing a car battery replacement. Be Mindful of Your Vehicle’s Electricals The electrical components of your car use the battery, but overuse and misuse can drain or even damage it. If you have ever left your car lights on overnight by accident, you have probably been greeted by a flat car battery the next morning. This is because the battery is usually charged by the alternator while the engine is on. Too much electrical use without the battery being charged can quickly lead to problems. It is best to limit electrical use while your vehicle is off, to help preserve the battery. Take Care of Your Car Have you ever gone a while without driving and then found that it won’t start? This happens because your car battery slowly drains over time, which means it is important to get the engine running every so often. If you usually drive short distances or don’t drive frequently, you may want to take your car for a longer drive from time to time. Extreme temperatures, both low and high, can strain your battery, meaning you might be looking for a car battery change sooner than expected. Cold weather is particularly good at draining a car battery. Keeping your car in a garage can help prevent battery issues as a result of temperature, so it is especially important to do so during the winter and summer. Signs Your Car Battery Needs a Replacement Getting a new battery for a car is never something a driver looks forward to, but it is a necessary part of owning any vehicle. Not sure when to consider replacing your battery? Keep an eye out for these common signs that it may be time for a replacement. Regular Jump Starts One of the most common signs that you need a battery replacement is your vehicle requiring regular jump starts. If this is happening, you may want to have your battery checked by a professional, even if it is new. Don’t worry – a new battery should still be covered under warranty if it has issues. Engine Troubles If it often takes you multiple tries to get the engine running, your battery may be close to the end of its life. Do note that engine troubles can be a result of other issues, but if you are frequently having difficulty getting your car started, the battery is a likely culprit. Lights Don’t Come On Since your vehicle’s lights rely entirely on the battery to function, problems with them can be one of the first indicators that it’s time for a new battery. If you need to confirm that the battery is the cause of the problem, try turning on the interior lights as well. If none of the lights work, it is probably time to get a new battery. Check With the Experts The easiest way to check on your car battery’s health is to bring your vehicle around to the expert team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions. We will run a health check on your battery and recommend the best type of new battery if necessary. Simply give our team a call on (07) 7517 0121, or book an appointment through our online form today.

Why You Should Book a Car Air Con Regas

While many vehicle owners may be tempted to take their car’s air conditioning for granted, the truth is that your car’s cooling and climate control system can make or break your comfort levels on the road. Like other important parts of your vehicle, the air conditioner is a complex system that is prone to routine wear and tear over time. It therefore requires regular maintenance in order to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Even small issues with your air conditioning can cause your car to run less efficiently, which in turn uses more petrol and ultimately costs you more. For these reasons, it is beneficial to book your car in for a car air conditioning service every 1-2 years. How Does Car Air Conditioning Work? A poorly maintained car air conditioner can greatly reduce the comfort of your drive, particularly if you have a newer vehicle with automatic climate control. Your car’s air con also plays an important role in windscreen demisting. In cold weather, a broken air conditioner may not be able to remove fog from windows, which can impair driver visibility and become a safety hazard. It is often most problematic when the car air conditioning isn’t working effectively resulting in higher fuel consumption. Whether the problem is due to general wear and tear, or to an individual part, it is important to repair your air conditioning as soon as possible to ensure your car runs safely and efficiently. How Often Should You Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning? Like any other part of your car, the air conditioner is a system that requires regular maintenance in order to function properly. Most mechanics recommend you schedule a car aircon regas every 1-2 years to keep the refrigerant in the system topped up. This is a fast, simple and affordable process. As air conditioning is not usually included in your car’s general service appointments, you may like to use your regas as a chance to book a specialised air conditioner service. This can optimise your vehicle’s performance, and increase the lifespan of the air conditioner. Your Local Car Air Conditioning Experts Because an experienced auto technician will often be able to identify small problems with your car’s air conditioning before they become major issues, you should ensure your air con is regularly serviced. For your next car air conditioning repair or regas, trust the team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions. As part of the Bosch Car Service Network, our team is fully equipped with the latest automotive technology to ensure you’re getting the best results. Our qualified technicians are skilled in providing high quality service to units across most vehicle makes and models. To find out more, speak to the team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions today. Give us a call on (07) 7517 0121, or send us a message using our online booking form.

Why Logbook Servicing Is Important

If you are looking to maintain the safety and performance of your car, it is highly recommended that you have a logbook service completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s set schedule. For new vehicles, you should get logbook servicing every 10,000 kilometres driven, or six months after your last one. What is a Logbook Service? A logbook service involves bringing your vehicle back to its best condition, meeting standards set by the manufacturer. A logbook service might include replacing old parts in your vehicle (like filters) with newer ones, refilling vital fluids and checking on its general roadworthiness. Keep Your Warranty Valid Most car dealers require regular logbook servicing to keep your car under warranty. This is generally the minimum requirement set, meaning that if you do not have a record of your logbook services, the dealership could refuse to cover repairs when something goes wrong. Your vehicle will have a recommended servicing schedule, which you will need to stay up to date with in order to keep your warranty valid. With logbook servicing, you save potentially thousands of dollars if something goes wrong, while keeping your vehicle in top condition. At Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, our trained mechanics can give you the full picture regarding your car’s health. Our team will get your vehicle back to the standard set by the manufacturer, and you can get back on the road with a car that is as good as new. Know Your Vehicle’s History It isn’t always easy to keep track of every service your car has had. Your logbook can serve as an important record of which services you have completed and when. By keeping up with the manufacturer’s suggested servicing schedule, you will have a detailed history in your logbook, which can also tell you when your next service is due. Having this record will be helpful if your car needs repairs, as the mechanic will be able to assess your servicing history and identify any problems quickly, saving you time and money. Increase Resale Value If you decide to sell your car at some point, you will be sure to get more money if it has been looked after. By keeping up with your logbook services, you will have proof you can show to a prospective buyer that your car has been kept in the best-possible condition. After each logbook service, the mechanic will give you a stamp in your auto maintenance logbook to certify that the work has been completed by a professional and that the vehicle has been restored to the manufacturer’s standards. With this stamp, your buyer can know that the car has been properly looked after, meaning you’ll be able to ask for a higher price. Avoid Costly Repairs When it comes to owning a car, the last thing you want is to be paying for expensive repairs after major breakdowns. Regular servicing is the simplest way to prevent needing these costly repairs, as you will keep your car in the best condition possible. Logbook servicing is about spending a little bit now so that you save a lot down the road. For the logbook service Towoomba residents can trust, get in touch with the expert team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions. You can reach us by calling (07) 4646 2644 or completing our online booking form today.

Car Suspension and Why It Is Important

The importance of your car’s suspension system cannot be overstated. It is one of the most essential elements of your vehicle that keeps you safe when driving, maintaining friction between your tyres and the road. When your suspension is working as it should, you maintain better control over your car. When you notice that your car suspension isn’t working properly, it is important to get it serviced or repaired as soon as possible. If left to deteriorate, you could be putting you and your loved ones at risk on the road. Given that the suspension impacts your steering and handling, taking care of it is an easy decision. Do I Need Auto Suspension Repairs? Car suspensions will generally last a long time without needing major repairs. However, your suspension system can also be easily damaged, particularly if you encounter a lot of potholes, drive off-road in a vehicle not designed for it, or hit something such as a rock or the curb. If your suspension becomes damaged, you should get repairs as quickly as you can. Many people wonder how they will even know that their suspension needs servicing or repairs. Thankfully, there are a few common signs pointing to poor suspension. When driving over bumps in the road, you may hear some unexpected noises if your suspension needs fixing. If your car is handling poorly or struggling with inclines, regardless of the size, it may be due to poor suspension. Finally, should your vehicle begin vibrating while you drive, it may be time to visit the professionals for suspension repairs. We highly recommend that you avoid driving if your suspension becomes damaged. With poor handling, you increase the risk of being in an accident. Keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way and avoid costly repairs after an accident by letting the professionals at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions take care of your auto suspension servicing. What Does Car Suspension Servicing Involve? When you get a suspension service at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, we take a close look at the individual parts that make up your suspension system. This includes shock absorbers and struts, which reduce the impact of bumps while driving and give you control over the vehicle. If any of these parts need replacing, we will be able to change them to get your suspension back to its best condition. We only use Bosch-approved, quality parts in all our repairs and replacements. It is worth noting that if any of the shocks need replacing, we recommend changing them all so that your car handles evenly. Let Us Handle Your Auto Suspension Repairs The Hi-Mech Auto Solutions partnership with the Bosch Car Service Network gives our customers assurance that all repairs will be completed to the highest standard, with our mechanics professionally trained so that we meet the requirements of all Bosch workshops. With all the tools and knowledge needed to complete your next suspension service or repairs, the Hi-Mech Auto Solutions team is ready to help. After your car suspension service, your vehicle will handle as smoothly as ever before. When it is time for the professionals at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions to take a look at your car’s suspension, give our friendly team a call on (07) 4646 2644. Alternatively, you can complete our simple booking form online, and we will be in touch soon.