How Often Should You Service Your Car?

Regular car servicing is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s efficiency throughout the years. How often you require a service can vary depending on several factors, including the age of your car, its condition, and usage. For vehicles involved in heavy-duty tasks like towing or those that travel long distances regularly, more frequent servicing may be necessary to ensure better performance and safety.

As a general guideline, servicing your car every six months or 10,000km is advisable. However, it’s important to pay attention to your vehicle’s performance and seek advice from a professional if you notice any irregularities.

Why Get a Car Service?

Regular car servicing is more than mere maintenance. It’s an investment in the longevity of your vehicle. Routine checks can significantly extend your car’s lifespan, increase the resale value, safeguard your warranty, and, most importantly, keep you safe on the road.

Increased longevity

Regular servicing is the secret to keeping your vehicle running its best for years to come. Each check-up can detect wear and tear early, preventing minor issues from becoming expensive problems. This meticulous care means your trusted vehicle stays roadworthy, accompanying you on many more journeys.

Higher resale

Proof of a well-maintained car is an important factor when it comes to the resale value. Consistent servicing records paint a picture of reliability and care. This attention to maintenance can significantly improve your car’s market value, ensuring a more rewarding sale.

Maintain manufacturer’s warranty

Adhering to scheduled servicing is key to preserving your car’s warranty. This commitment ensures that any necessary repairs or replacements are covered, providing financial protection and peace of mind. Regular checks keep your vehicle within the manufacturer’s care guidelines, safeguarding your investment.

Keeping you safe

Safety is paramount, and regular servicing is its cornerstone. Each service ensures that critical components, like brakes and tyres, are in good condition, reducing the risk of accidents. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is as safe as possible for every journey.

What Does a Car Service Include?

What exactly your car service includes depends on the type of service you get. Hi-Mech Auto Solutions is your go-to expert for comprehensive car servicing and repairs, specialising in a range of services including:

  • General Car Service or Log Book Car Service: Ensuring your vehicle adheres to manufacturer standards, maintaining warranty and insurance.
  • Brake Service: Detailed brake system maintenance for optimal safety. Involves pad, rotor inspection, brake fluid replacement, and system diagnostics.
  • Car Air Con Service: Comprehensive maintenance of your air conditioning, ensuring cool, clean airflow. Includes refrigerant recharge, filter change, and leak checks.
  • Off-Road 4×4 Services: Tailored services for off-road vehicles, addressing auto electrical issues, suspension repairs, and more.
  • ADAS Calibration: Precision calibration of advanced driver assistance systems, enhancing your safety on the road.
  • Diesel Services: Comprehensive diesel tuning and servicing, optimising your engine’s performance.
  • European Auto Servicing: Expert care for luxury European vehicles, ensuring top performance and value preservation.

Your Local Car Service Experts

At Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, we are committed to providing top-quality automotive services. If it’s time for your next car service, or if you have any concerns about your vehicle’s performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expertly trained team.
We’re here to ensure your vehicle is in its best condition, providing you with peace of mind on every journey. Contact the friendly team on online form, or give our friendly team a call on (07) 7517 0121 to get started.