How to Keep Your Car’s Air Conditioning Working Efficiently

As the mercury soars in Australia, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car is essential to beat the heat in summer. When winding down your windows just doesn’t cut it, your car’s air conditioning system can quickly become a necessity. That’s why it’s important to get regular car air con maintenance not only in summer, but in the colder months. 

There are a few easy things you can do to keep your car’s air conditioning system in good shape all year round.

Recirculate Only When Necessary

The recirculation mode on your car’s air con system is designed to regulate the air quality inside your car. On a hot day, it’s a system that can put less stress on your vehicle’s blower motor and air compressor. However, most manufacturers recommend that recirculation mode only be used when the air conditioner is on. This can be when you want to prevent unclean outside air from entering your car, or simply when you need to keep hot air from outside the car from moving through the vehicle.

Avoid Pre-Cooling Your Car Air Con

Most people turn their car’s air conditioning on at the same time as their engine, in an attempt to cool the car down before they drive. However, your air conditioning actually works better when you’re driving. This is because the engine works harder while driving than idling, which in turn makes the AC compressor run faster and allows your system to cool more effectively. Instead, before turning the air conditioner on, open the windows for approximately 20 seconds to let ambient heat out of the car. Even on the hottest days, this will help to quickly cool the interior of your car.

Turn it on Low 

In a typical air conditioner, setting a high temperature forces the system to reheat the cooled air, which burns more fuel. Instead, try setting the air con to the lowest (coolest) temperature and adjusting the fan. This makes the car air conditioning more efficient and will prevent the air from drying out. This also has the added bonus of saving a ton of fuel. If you have an automatic climate control, the systems will do all the work for you and adjust the temperature to your settings. 

Turn Off the Start/Stop Feature

Many newer cars are equipped with an automatic Start/Stop feature. Although this feature does save fuel, it can also keep the air con compressor from running when the engine is shut off. This means that in hot weather, you’ll probably notice the lack of cool air very quickly – especially if you’re stopped in traffic. If you notice this happening, the simple fix is to turn off the Start/Stop in your car during a hot drive.

When to See a Mechanic

The truth is that everyone should get a car air con service yearly. Whether it’s for general maintenance or a simple repair and air con regas. If you’ve noticed your car’s air conditioning isn’t working as well as it used to, it’s important to get it checked by a qualified mechanic. The Hi-Mech team will not only diagnose the problem, but also show you how to maintain car aircon systems into the future.

For customers in the Toowoomba area, Hi-Mech Auto Solutions has a team of qualified mechanics ready to restore your car’s air conditioning to its full potential. At Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, we use only the latest tools and technology, while keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact. By trusting an experienced mechanic, you can be confident in the work undertaken during your car’s next air conditioning service. To get in touch with a professional mechanic, call our team on (07) 7517 0121 or complete our online contact form.