What is Flash Diesel Tuning and how can your vehicle benefit?

Do you want more performance out of your diesel engine? With the advancements in technology, getting an experienced Flash Diesel mechanic to perform a specialised diesel performance tune up on your vehicle might unlock a lot of the power, torque and efficiency that your engine has been waiting to give you.

This is possible because the factory settings that your car’s engine is tuned to are designed to be as broadly applicable as possible, no matter what conditions the car ends up being driven in or the needs of any specific driver who buys it. By bringing your car to a mechanic for a diesel performance tuning, you’ll be able to dial in on exactly your requirements for the vehicle and make sure it’s the right fit for you.

How do you tune a diesel engine? 

Almost all cars on the road today are fitted with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that contains and adjusts the settings for many of the engine’s core functions. Because of this, the ECU is commonly known as the computer or the brain of your car. It controls:

  • the ignition and timing systems
  • the automatic transmission system
  • the air/fuel ratio in the engine (via fuel injection)
  • the speed governance system
  • and more.

These settings come pre-set from the car’s manufacturer and are the same across every model of that vehicle that is produced. A mechanic with the right equipment and experience with this type of engine remapping can change the settings in the ECU. They can work with you to figure out exactly how you use your vehicle, and then design a new profile for your ECU that will meet your specific needs.

What are the benefits of a diesel chip tuning?

Is a diesel Flash Tune right for you? For a lot of drivers, the standard factory settings will serve them perfectly fine on the road, especially if they only use their car to commute or for other light activities.

If you’re someone who constantly pushes their car to its limits (such as if you enjoy four-wheel driving or off-roading) or you regularly tow heavy loads for work, then diesel tuning could significantly increase the usability of your car.

By fine-tuning the parameters of the engine’s software, a skilled mechanic will be able to unlock the full potential of your car. This includes:

  • increasing the power and the torque available to your engine
  • increasing the fuel economy of your engine by precisely controlling the air/fuel ratio
  • improving the acceleration and smoothness of the drive

It is important to understand some of the risks associated with a diesel tune when not performed by a trained professional. By changing the balance of how your engine operates, it is very easy for an untrained person to make a mistake and potentially damage the engine by overheating or overworking it.

In most cases, simply resetting the engine remapping software back to its original settings is enough to fix any small issues before they become problematic. Remapping your engine’s software may also void the warranty on your vehicle’s powertrain. Contact your manufacturer or get in touch with a diesel tuning expert if you have any questions or concerns.

Your engine tuning experts

Diesel engine tuning should only be attempted by a professional who understands the process and has access to all the right equipment and software. Hi-Mech Auto Solutions are proud to be a partner of Flash Diesel and can provide some of the best diesel servicing in Australia.

If you want more from your diesel engine, or have any questions about diesel Flash Tuning, get in touch today by giving us a call on (07) 7517 0121 or by filling out our online contact form.