Types of Auto Electrical Issues

When you consider the crucial role electrical systems such as headlights, cameras and sensors play in modern cars, it becomes clear how important it is for your family’s safety to ensure these are always in optimal condition.

If your vehicle is experiencing electrical issues, you should have an auto electric service completed as soon as possible to prevent minor issues from turning into major and more costly problems. Hi-Mech Auto Solutions have a team of experienced auto electricians who have the skills to get you back on the road in no time, with all of your vehicle’s electrical components working properly and safely. 

Common Auto Electrical Issues

While you can keep an eye out for the warning signs of an electrical problem, in most cases only a professional auto electric mechanic will know for sure what is going on and how to fix it.

The most common issues with your vehicle electrics are related to the battery or alternator, so these are generally the first things your mechanic will check. 

Flat or Dead Battery

A flat or dead battery is one of the most obvious signs of a problem as your car simply won’t turn on. This is an issue that often comes as a result of using too much electricity without driving the car. The most well-known example of this is leaving the car lights on overnight, but it can also include extensively using the stereo while the engine isn’t running. If your car’s battery is flat, a jump start will allow you to drive your car and recharge the battery via the alternator. If the battery is completely dead, however, you will need to get a replacement.

Battery Won’t Charge

If your car battery has gone flat but you are having trouble charging it, or it is losing charge faster than it should be, you may have a bigger problem that should be fixed. Unfortunately, the only solution for a battery that won’t hold its charge is to get a replacement. This can often happen if the battery has run flat too many times over the course of its life. If you want to avoid encountering this issue unexpectedly, it is important to discuss your car battery’s health with a qualified auto electrician.

Damaged Battery Cables

Sometimes an electrical problem in your vehicle isn’t necessarily caused by the battery itself, but by the cables connected to it. If the cables attached to the battery terminal are in poor condition, it may result in your car failing to start. These cables can become corroded or loosen over time, which prevents the battery from charging. If you are having trouble starting your car, it might be worth having an auto electric mechanic take a closer look at your battery and the cables connected to it.

Alternator Problems

As the role of the alternator is to charge your car’s battery while you drive, it makes sense that a faulty alternator will lead to issues with your vehicle. The best way to judge for yourself whether the alternator is working correctly is to assess how well your car performs after a few long drives. If your car starts up well after being driven for a long time, the alternator has probably charged the battery properly. If your car is struggling to start, however, it is likely that the alternator is not doing its job. If you have a new car battery but still find that you are having trouble with the ignition, you should get your auto electrician to inspect the alternator.

If you are experiencing auto electric issues, the best course of action is to have a professional team of mechanics solve the problem. At Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, we have all the experience and equipment necessary to get your auto electrical components repaired. To get started, give us a call on (07) 4646 2644, or complete our online contact form today.