Why Logbook Servicing Is Important

If you are looking to maintain the safety and performance of your car, it is highly recommended that your logbook servicing is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s set schedule. For new vehicles, you should get logbook servicing every 10,000 kilometres driven, or six months after your last one.

What is a Logbook Service?

A logbook service involves bringing your vehicle back to its best condition, meeting standards set by the manufacturer. A logbook service might include replacing old parts in your vehicle (like filters) with newer ones, refilling vital fluids and checking on its general roadworthiness.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Most car dealers require regular logbook servicing to keep your car under warranty. This is generally the minimum requirement set, meaning that if you do not have a record of your logbook services, the dealership could refuse to cover repairs when something goes wrong.

Your vehicle will have a recommended servicing schedule, which you will need to stay up to date with in order to keep your warranty valid. With logbook servicing, you save potentially thousands of dollars if something goes wrong, while keeping your vehicle in top condition.

At Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, our trained mechanics can give you the full picture regarding your car’s health. Our team will get your vehicle back to the standard set by the manufacturer, and you can get back on the road with a car that is as good as new.

Know Your Vehicle’s History

It isn’t always easy to keep track of every service your car has had. Your logbook can serve as an important record of which services you have completed and when. By keeping up with the manufacturer’s suggested servicing schedule, you will have a detailed history in your logbook, which can also tell you when your next service is due.

Having this record will be helpful if your car needs repairs, as the mechanic will be able to assess your servicing history and identify any problems quickly, saving you time and money.

Increase Resale Value

If you decide to sell your car at some point, you will be sure to get more money if it has been looked after. By keeping up with your logbook services, you will have proof you can show to a prospective buyer that your car has been kept in the best-possible condition.

After each logbook service, the mechanic will give you a stamp in your auto maintenance logbook to certify that the work has been completed by a professional and that the vehicle has been restored to the manufacturer’s standards. With this stamp, your buyer can know that the car has been properly looked after, meaning you’ll be able to ask for a higher price.

Avoid Costly Repairs

When it comes to owning a car, the last thing you want is to be paying for expensive repairs after major breakdowns. Regular servicing is the simplest way to prevent needing these costly repairs, as you will keep your car in the best condition possible. Logbook servicing is about spending a little bit now so that you save a lot down the road.
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