Why You Should Book a Car Air Con Regas

While many vehicle owners may be tempted to take their car’s air conditioning for granted, the truth is that your car’s cooling and climate control system can make or break your comfort levels on the road. Like other important parts of your vehicle, the air conditioner is a complex system that is prone to routine wear and tear over time. It therefore requires regular maintenance in order to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Even small issues with your air conditioning can cause your car to run less efficiently, which in turn uses more petrol and ultimately costs you more. For these reasons, it is beneficial to book your car in for a car air conditioning service every 1-2 years.

How Does Car Air Conditioning Work?

A poorly maintained car air conditioner can greatly reduce the comfort of your drive, particularly if you have a newer vehicle with automatic climate control. Your car’s air con also plays an important role in windscreen demisting. In cold weather, a broken air conditioner may not be able to remove fog from windows, which can impair driver visibility and become a safety hazard.

It is often most problematic when the car air conditioning isn’t working effectively resulting in higher fuel consumption. Whether the problem is due to general wear and tear, or to an individual part, it is important to repair your air conditioning as soon as possible to ensure your car runs safely and efficiently.

How Often Should You Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning?

Like any other part of your car, the air conditioner is a system that requires regular maintenance in order to function properly. Most mechanics recommend you schedule a car aircon regas every 1-2 years to keep the refrigerant in the system topped up. This is a fast, simple and affordable process.

As air conditioning is not usually included in your car’s general service appointments, you may like to use your regas as a chance to book a specialised air conditioner service. This can optimise your vehicle’s performance, and increase the lifespan of the air conditioner.

Your Local Car Air Conditioning Experts

Because an experienced auto technician will often be able to identify small problems with your car’s air conditioning before they become major issues, you should ensure your air con is regularly serviced. For your next car air conditioning repair or regas, trust the team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions.

As part of the Bosch Car Service Network, our team is fully equipped with the latest automotive technology to ensure you’re getting the best results. Our qualified technicians are skilled in providing high quality service to units across most vehicle makes and models.

To find out more, speak to the team at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions today. Give us a call on (07) 7517 0121, or send us a message using our online booking form.