Your Essential Car Maintenance Checklist

One of the most important aspects of owning a car is ensuring you have a plan for keeping your vehicle in excellent shape, which includes both basic car maintenance and professional servicing. At a minimum, every driver should have the following five essential items on their car maintenance checklist.

Regularly Change Engine Oil

One of the most crucial parts of vehicle maintenance is paying attention to the levels of your engine oil, which will diminish over time. It is recommended to do an oil change every three months or after covering a distance of around 5000 kilometres.

Think of engine oil as the lifeblood of your car. As it is so essential to the performance of your vehicle, it is best to complete an engine oil check every month. Running on low oil could cause substantial damage to the engine, including complete breakdowns.

At Hi-Mech Auto Solutions, our experts know what to look for when conducting oil changes, ensuring your engine remains in excellent condition.

Check Your Fluid Levels

Besides engine oil, a variety of other fluids are essential for your vehicle to function at its best. It’s good practice to periodically check and refill car fluids such as coolant and brake fluid. Your owner’s manual will provide you with specifics on the type of fluids and the recommended maintenance schedule.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Next on your maintenance checklist should be to maintain optimal tyre pressure. This is critical as it directly affects the car’s handling, fuel efficiency and safety. Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to problems such as uneven tread wear, reduced vehicle control and even blown tyres.

Thankfully, most service stations offer free car tyre pressure checks. It is a good practice to check the tyre pressure every few months and especially before setting out on long journeys. Your vehicle’s owner manual or the information label inside the driver’s door will have the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure.

Wiper Blade Replacement

The windshield wipers play a pivotal role in ensuring clear visibility during poor weather. Wiper blades are subject to damage and will lose effectiveness over time, which is why regular inspections for any cracks, tears or signs of wear are crucial. It’s best to replace them once a year, or earlier if they are not clearing the windshield efficiently.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters keep dust, debris and contaminants from entering the engine and cabin. When air filters become dirty, they can adversely impact engine performance, fuel efficiency and air quality inside the vehicle. Thus, it is important to follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule for replacing the engine air filter and cabin air filter.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Setting regular car service appointments with your local mechanic is invaluable, allowing the experts to detect small issues before they become costly problems. Generally, it is recommended that you get a professional service completed every six months.

Whether you need an oil change or major repairs, trust the seasoned experts at Hi-Mech Auto Solutions for your next comprehensive car service. You can easily reach us through our online form, or give our friendly team a call on call (07) 7517 0121 to get started.